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(OWN: grimmr), m. n. 'chieftain, leader (?)'


This noun is a hapax legomenon (Sö126) and its meaning is somewhat unclear. In ON, the adj. grimmr means ‘heartless’, ‘strict’, ‘wicked’. In the runic material, it appears as the second element in the word folksgrimʀ, ‘grimmʀ of the warriors’. Sophus Bugge (Runverser 161) writes that skaldic poets used the noun gramr (literally ‘wrath’) to mean ‘king’ or ‘warrior’ and that the related adjective grimmr was most likely used in the same way; Svend Grundtvig (1866: 601) also mentions the word in his examples of poetic verse on Swedish runestones. The noun used in a compound has also been recorded as late as the nineteenth century in the Swedish folksong ‘Stolt Herr Alf’ with the meaning ‘leader’:

Hielp nu Oden Asagrim,

Jagh tränger nu til dig kalla,

Óðinn, leader of the Æsir,

I need to call upon you now,

(Arwidsson 1834: 11)

Hübler (1996: 110–12, 179) sees the word as one of three poetic or unusual expressions on Sö126 (the other two: draug orrustu and verða falla).


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Etymological Dictionary
AEW s.v. ‘grimmr’.
IEW s.v. ‘grimmr’ [p. 398].
ÍO s.v. ‘grimmur’.

ODa. Dictionary
DÆDSO s.v. ‘grimmær’.
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Runic Dictionary
Das Runenwörterbuch s.v. ‘KrimY’, ‘FulkskrimY’.
ONF s.v. ‘-grimʀ’.

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grimmʀ(grimmr),ʀ Sö126

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